I.      Level 1 (Whole-class)
Target Group:All student

1.  Emphasizing training of creative thinking, higher-order thinking and critical thinking in curriculum.
2.  Classifying students according to their abilities in major subjects including Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics and Liberal Studies. Progress and amount of curriculum in those classes of higher ability are to be accelerated and increased.
3.  Stratifying curriculum of various subjects by adding enrichment and extension sections in order to satisfy the needs of those students with high ability.
4.  Conducting group teaching and a series of enhancement curriculum (e.g. Centralized Additional Lessons Program).
5.  Arranging stratification of assignments.


II.    Level 2 (Pull-out):

Target Group:Gifted students in specific areas

1.  Elites by Subjects Scheme
-   Recruiting specialized tutors to offer programmes and trainings to students joining competitions outside school. With a learning space created apart from classrooms, students' potentials could be identified and realized.

Elites by Subjects Scheme conducted this year:
-   Biology Olympiad competition training
-   Biology subject “Hong Kong Interschool Chinese Medicine Quiz Competition” training
-   “The Speaking Contest for Hong Kong Students” training
-   “HKPU Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition” training
-   Junior Secondary School Mathematics Olympiad training programme
-   Physics Olympiad competition training
-   STEM (Science、 Technology、 Engineering and Mathematics) Elites Training Programmes


    2.  Diversified Creative and Talent Groups (ECA)
-   Training of elites in various areas through training offered in creative and talent groups

Specific Area

Corresponding creative and talent group

Creative and Talent Elite (P.E.)

Boys Basketball Team, Girls Basketball Team, Judo Club, Volleyball Team, Soccer Team, Ruby Team, Badminton Team, Fencing Team, Trampolining Club, Table Tennis Team, Swimming Team, Athletics Team.

Creative and Talent Elite (Music)

Marching Band and Orchestra, Choir, Handbell Team

Creative and Talent Elite (Creativity)

Creative Arts Society, Campus TV, Campus Radio, Drama Club, English Drama Club, Modern Dance Club, Rope Skipping Club

Creative and Talent Elite (leadership)

Prefects, Social Services Team, Librarian Team

Information Technology Elites

IT Society

Academic Elites

Chinese Debate Team, TED Talk Society


    3.  Encouraging students to get IT professional qualifications

Elites by Subjects Scheme conducted this year:
-   Intelligent Robots Course:Inviting universities to help training elite students through raising students’ basic ability, giving comments on works for competitions and training elite students to become workshop tutors.
-   MCSE Course and Exam:Invite professional institution to give students training for getting Microsoft MCSE certificate。


III.   Level 3 (Off-site Support):

Target Group:Gifted student in specific areas

1.  Recommending students to enroll in outside school gifted education programmes
Recommending gifted students in specific areas to use outside school gifted education services and having teachers (class teachers or members of Gifted Education Section) who are familiar with the students for coaching and supervising the progress of the students in those programmes.

Outside school gifted education programmes joined this year:
-   Hong Kong University of Science and Technology: Secondary School / University Dual Program 2015
-   The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE): Humanities, Mathematics, Science and leadership Gifted Education Programme


    2.  Creative and Talent Elite Scheme
Teachers of creative and talent groups could recommend members of their groups to join advanced programmes or occasional competitions. The school would subsidize necessary expenditure for those programmes or competitions when needed in order to deepen students’ development in creative and talent groups.