Overview of NSS curriculum

Core Subjects

S.4 to S.6

Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, Liberal Studies

Elective Subjects

Personal, Social & Humanities Education

Chinese History, Geography, History, Economics, Tourism and Hospitality Studies

Science Education

Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Information Technology Education

Information and Communication Technology, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies

Arts Education

Visual Arts

Other Learning Experiences

1. Physical Education, School-based Talent Programme, Authentic Learning Day, Deep Learning Week, Venture Capital Programme
2. Participation in Service Learning
3. Leadership Camp

Junior and Senior Forms Bridging Strategies

In order to help students to prepare for the NSS in terms of curriculum, we start introducing new elements into our junior form curriculum:
1. Teaching of micro-novels in Chinese Language classes
2. Learning English through drama
3. School-based Life and Society Curriculum
4. Divide Science into three subjects, Chemistry/ Physics/ Biology, to help students to understand the characteristics of various electives.
5. S.3 School-based Life Finance Course──to let students get a glimpse of what elective courses in Senior Secondary Curriculum are about in advance: to let them know more about the course contents and features of subjects including Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, Economics, and Tourism and Hospitality Studies.